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Re: Makefile command interpreter

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 10:14:14AM +1200, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
>>> Setting export SHELL=cmd.exe
>>> calls cmd.exe alright, but then sits there forever waiting for input.
>> Just a wild guess, as I have not tested this:
>> Have you tried cmd.exe with the /c switch? If cmd.exe is called without
>> that switch, it expects input from the standard input (console).
> Yes, tried that, the result always is
>    '-c' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
>    operable program or batch file.
> Something is messing with the argument list.
> No difference between these two there:
>    SHELL=cmd.exe /C
>    SHELL:=/cygdrive/c/windows/system32/cmd.exe -- /C
> Looks like that might be on the right track, but how do I get arguments 
> across verbatim?

Cygwin's version of make is intended to be used with POSIX shells.
cmd.exe doesn't qualify.  make is going to always append a "-c" to any
SHELL invocation that you specify so no amount of makefile magic is
going to work around that.

If you need a version of make which understands cmd.exe then I'd suggest
trying mingw: .  That project is designed to provide
windows tools with a minimal nod towards POSIX.


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