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compile problems on cygwin

The tarball at the perma-link:
is exposing a Cygwin macro definition failure to #undef, with the test which Bill outlines herein. I provide a copy to the Cygwin reporting address.

On Fri, 16 May 2008, Bill Pippin wrote:

It's entirely possible that the problems you refer to are caused by
macros defined in various cygwin-specific headers.

If the problem is indeed caused by earlier macro defs, running the
preprocessor on the text and comparing the result with the original
header may help you identify the name.  Once you have that, a simple
undef will probably solve the problem.

You might want to start by trying to compile a simple, one-line test.c
file of the form:

#include "glossary.h"

Yup -- I have replicated it locally, when I hit Bill's email. I get (in ./src. on an unpacked tarball):

$ g++ rph_test.c
In file included from glossary.h:48,
                 from rph-test.c:1:
functional.h:213: error: expected init-declarator before '&' token
functional.h:213: error: expected `,' or `;' before '&' token

This on a Win 2000 box fully updated as of this afternoon, against the Cygwin distribution mirrors.

And so something in the Cygwin macro def's is not #undef'ing after itself. I assume the Cygwin folks know how they want a bug report and to track this down?

I'll file it in their bug tracker, and track it with them, if you'll provide a pointer, Gabriel.

I am used to seeing Corinna Vinschen <> post update release notices on the cygwin-announcement mailing list. In his announcements, he requests reports to:
So I have sought to subscribe there, and file this there, per the request of those announcemnts.

-- Russ herrold

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