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RE: Cygwin Mail and Exchange Server

Ronald Fischer wrote on 19 May 2008 13:04:

> Hello,
> at a customer's site, I would like to be able to send email from
> bash scripts. The setup of the software is pretty standard: Usually
> mail is sent and read using Outlook, and there is an Exchange server
> lurking somewhere to do the job. What do I have to do in such an
> environment in order to be able to send mail from cygwin?

  You need to ask your admins for POP and SMTP access details of your
exchangeserver, then you'd probably enter those details into your
/etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf (or equivalent depending what mailer you're using).

> I thought this is such a common setup that there must be somewhere a
> "howto" for this subject, but I searched the Cygwin FAQ, the Cygwin
> User Guide, and /usr/doc/cygwin without success. Isn't there a Cygwin
> utility which simply uses the settings in Outlook to send the mail?

  Nope.  It's not like Microsoft have documented how any of that stuff is
stored, after all.  And since Cygwin is mostly ports of Linux stuff, and
Linux doesn't have any such things as outlook or exchange server, none of
the linux software that gets ported is written to even consider it.

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