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Re: Cygwin Mail and Exchange Server

I generally use mutt on the command line

ssmtp must still be configured and you need to answer YES to linking
sstmp to sendmail

$ mutt -x -s "the subject"

$ mutt -x -s "the subject" -a "/path/to/file/to/attach"

$ (uuencode afile afile) | mutt -x -s "subject"


see the mutt page on the web for more info.

I often use cygwin mutt to read my exchange mail via imap when other email clients aren't available.


On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 12:28 +0000, Ronald Fischer wrote:
> Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:
> > > at a customer's site, I would like to be able to send email from
> > > bash scripts. The setup of the software is pretty standard: Usually
> > > mail is sent and read using Outlook, and there is an Exchange server
> > > lurking somewhere to do the job. What do I have to do in such an
> > > environment in order to be able to send mail from cygwin?
> > 
> >   You need to ask your admins for POP and SMTP access details of your
> > exchangeserver, 
> I guess in my case (sending only) I just need SMTP. Or is it necessary
> that ssmtp.conf always contains POP too? And, AFIK, the access method
> to the exchange server is not POP, but IMAP...
> > then you'd probably enter those details into your
> > /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf (or equivalent depending what mailer you're using).
> Is there a simpler command line utility for sending mail - I mean, 
> simpler than ssmtp -, which you could recommend?
> > > I thought this is such a common setup that there must be somewhere a
> > > "howto" for this subject, but I searched the Cygwin FAQ, the Cygwin
> > > User Guide, and /usr/doc/cygwin without success. Isn't there a Cygwin
> > > utility which simply uses the settings in Outlook to send the mail?
> > 
> >   Nope.  It's not like Microsoft have documented how any of that stuff is
> > stored, after all.  
> > And since Cygwin is mostly ports of Linux stuff, and
> > Linux doesn't have any such things as outlook or exchange server, none of
> > the linux software that gets ported is written to even consider it.
> Understandable...
> Thanks a lot,
> Ronald Fischer
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