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Re: Ksh

Mark J. Reed wrote:
On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 5:58 PM, Ralph Hempel <> wrote:
OT, and probably a stupid question, but is the Dave Korn on this
list the same Dave Korn that, ummm, wrote the Korn shell?

Nope. And I used to wonder the same thing, so it can't possibly be a stupid question, right?

I did do some googling before I asked this question and found out that the "real" Dave Korn is a research fellow at AT&T while "our" Dave Korn has an email addres at a firm is essentially a fabless silicon house that specializes in highspeed wireless connectivity.

But then I found out that the "real" Dave Korn is the primary author of
UWIN, which is where the ksh that "our" Dave Korn is talking about
comes from. So I got confused again.

Just to be clear, "our" Dave Korn provides excellent, well considered
answers to questions on the list, so I'm not diminishing his
value at all :-)

OK, I guess that's enough frivolity on the list. Back to work...

Cheers, Ralph

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