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Re: makefile for matlab-engine in cygwin

2008/5/21  <>:
> Hi evereybody
> I am working with a client/server system and I am trying to extend it with an
> input client which uses matlab engine to get data from matlab.
> I would like to compile it with cygwin in windows XP.
> Just typing 'mex.bat A.c B.c' (where 'A.c' and 'B.c' are a 'reduced' version of
> the input client) in the cygwin bash shell works fine, but I am a bit
> struggling with the makefile:
> I would like to extend an existing makefile which works fine with other input
> clients.
> If I just change 'gcc' to 'mex.bat' in the makefile I get the following error:

Just out of my head:
You are using the lcc template (LCCENGMATOPTS.BAT) and the Win32 perl
with the cygwin setup.
You should use the GCC template (maybe GCCENGMATOPTS.BAT) and maybe
cygwin's perl instead.
That's how I did it.
But's a long time ago and I don't have access to that machine anymore.

lcc should also do it, but then you'll get difficulties when doing
cross-compiling to better platforms.
So starting with the stricter gcc is a brave goal for your s-functions.

> $ make
> Makefile:34: depend: No such file or directory
> mex.bat -M -g -O3 -std=c99 -Wall -W -Werror -pedantic -I../../server -
> I../../utility file.c file_input.c flight_info.c input_client.c main.c
> matlab_flightpath_input.c orientation.c parse_arg.c pdf.c position.c
> time_stamp.c ../../utility/file.c ../../utility/tcp.c ../../utility/parse_arg.c
> ./../server/flight_info.c ../../server/pdf.c ../../server/position.c ../../serv
> er/time_stamp.c ../../server/o
> rientation.c ../../server/input_client.c ../../server/client.c > depend
> make: [depend] Error 9 (ignored)
> depend:2: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.
> Appendix 1: makefile
> CC = gcc

> Appendix 2: mexopts.bat file
> rem
> rem    Compile and link options used for building standalone engine or MAT
> rem    programs
> rem    with LCC C compiler 2.4
> set PATH=%MATLAB%\sys\lcc\bin;%PATH%
> set LCCMEX=%MATLAB%\sys\lcc\mex
> set PERL="%MATLAB%\sys\perl\win32\bin\perl.exe"
> set MW_TARGET_ARCH=win32
> rem ********************************************************************
> rem Compiler parameters
> rem ********************************************************************
> set COMPILER=lcc
> set DEBUGFLAGS=-g4
> set COMPFLAGS=-c -Zp8 -I"%MATLAB%\sys\lcc\include" -noregistrylookup

> Any help or pointers in the right direction would be highly appreciated.

Reini Urban

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