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RE: _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: DuplicateHandle failed

Hugh Sasse wrote on 22 May 2008 12:08:

>> relsondt1--> ./
>> + Bcc +BccDos.cfg -c -Ic:/BC45/INCLUDE -D -oHELLO.OBJ HELLO.CPP
>>   7 [main] bash 5564! _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: DuplicateHandle failed, \
>>     pid   5564, hProcess 0x6DD, wr_proc_pipe 0x750, Win32 error 6
> That Win32 error looks more like it is to do with Windows than Cygwin
> per se.   So what is "Win32 error 6"


> which says there are problems with your registry if you get this.

  No, it's what you'd expect if you try and dup a handle that's already been
closed - an indication that the child exited prematurely.  This is one of
those semi-generic fork failures that could be BLODA, but another
possibility is that because this is a non-cygwin app being launched from
cygwin, it might be pulling in a dll that causes a rebase conflict.

  Following the rebaseall procedure described in the "Usage:" section of
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rebase-2.4.3.README might help as is, or it might be
necessary to find a list of the dlls being pulled in by the borland compiler
and rebase them too by adding a -T option pointing to a file that lists the
(cygwin-style posix) paths to the BC45 dlls.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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