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Re: wstring support in GCC 4.1.2 (OS independent)

Brian Dessent wrote:
jadooo wrote:

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

Yes, you are misunderstanding the nature of the problem.

In order to support the wstring class, gcc relies on the platform's libc
supporting wide character C99 functions.
	Even though the "kernel" (cygwin 1.5) doesn't support unicode
shouldn't it be possible -- and desirable for gcc to support the
'wstring' datatype?

	It does seem 'wstring' is supported on standard linux,
but internally, the kernel doesn't support double-wide
characters anymore than cygwin.  So maybe the problem is
not that cygwin doesn't support unicode, but that the gcc
libs & compile utils don't support the standard linux

	Whether or not cygwin (or the linux kernel) supports
"wchar" is not entirely relevant to what the application libraries
on top of the kernel support -- at least going by the example
on an x86_64 linux.  It's still the case that the 64-bit
linux kernel doesn't support wchars any more than cygwin, yet
the compiler suite does.

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