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Re: wstring support in GCC 4.1.2 (OS independent)

Linda Walsh wrote:

> So maybe the problem is
> not that cygwin doesn't support unicode, but that the gcc
> libs & compile utils don't support the standard linux
> equivalents?

I can't parse this.

>         Whether or not cygwin (or the linux kernel) supports
> "wchar" is not entirely relevant to what the application libraries
> on top of the kernel support -- at least going by the example
> on an x86_64 linux.  It's still the case that the 64-bit
> linux kernel doesn't support wchars any more than cygwin, yet
> the compiler suite does.

Comparing Cygwin to the linux kernel is nonsense.  They serve totally
different purposes -- Cygwin is a user-mode library.  If you want to
make a comparison, compare Cygwin to glibc as they are both libcs.

And again, the compiler suite cannot implement wstring without
underlying libc wide character IO support which does not exist in newlib
and therefore does not exist in Cygwin.  Remember that gcc is divorced
from the target libc because a libc is way too OS-dependent.  gcc relies
on the platform to implement its own libc, and everything gcc implements
builds on top of an existing libc.  If the libc doesn't have the
necessary support there's nothing that libstdc++ can do about it but
disable wstring.


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