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Re: cd not following windows shortcuts

And on top of that (top posting too), even windows cmd console won't let you follow .lnk files... They are files, not symlinks. Only explorer know how to navigate them.


Brian Dessent wrote:
Gustavo Seabra wrote:

Right, it isn't a directory. But shouldn't Cygwin convert the path and
follow it just the same? Is there something wrong with the behavior
I'm seeing?

For one thing, the .lnk must have the R attribute set in order for Cygwin to even consider it a symlink and not a regular file, and normally Explorer does not set the R attribute. And of course a .lnk created with Explorer will not have the POSIX path set in the 'description' field, meaning that it can only point to an absolute Win32 path unless you hand edit the field. Moreover the symlink reading code in Cygwin does not contain a full parser for the shortcut file format (which AFAIK is some kind of undocumented memory dump of a shell COM object, which can take on many forms e.g. a shortcut to Control Panel), only enough to read the specific format that Cygwin creates, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was possible to create all kinds of shortcuts in Explorer that Cygwin can't parse.

You might be lucky and simply setting +R might suffice, I have no idea. But if it doesn't, realize that the intent of the feature was for
Cygwin-created symlinks to also work in Explorer as a bonus, not
necessarily the other way around.


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