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cygwin1.dll incluson in Cygwin makefile

Dear Cygwin:

I have gone over all the FAQ's and docs and every link I can see, but cannot find an answer to my question. What is odd is that after all this looking, I can't really tell what address to send a question to ... your links are designed to make sure I find an answer without sending an email. So, after subscribing to this mailing list, the best I can see is this email link. Lord knows if it is the correct place to ask a question, but all the other sources aren't giving me such so I have to try.

Quite simply, I installed the current cygwin today, it did a wonder job of running make on a c/c++ file and produce an *.exe. However, if I open up a window to the directory and try to double click it, I get the "no cygwin1.dll". If I try to run the program within cygwin's world, it doesn't know anything more about the universe as it seems to only understand its local space within "home". I tried to figure out how to link in cygwin1.dll, but the compile says it can't find it even if I give absolute path within the cygwin world.

Maybe I am trying to do something I shouldn't be doing. The program is designed to scan the entire drive an give an html of the contents. So I need to build an executable within Cgywin that I can run globally within Windows universe.

Any advice / education is appreciated. Sorry if this is longer email than it should be, but I'm a newbie and I have no idea where is email is going (though I will probably find out soon enough)


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