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Re: Problems installing on vista, no /bin in path

>>>>> Eric Berge <>:

> So, here are my questions:

> 1. Does /var/log/setup.log show postinstall script failures,
>    in particular for the bash postinstall?

Yes.  Here are some of the lines:

2008/05/23 13:26:24 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
2008/05/23 13:26:33 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
2008/05/23 13:26:33 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
2008/05/23 13:26:38 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
2008/05/23 13:26:38 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
2008/05/23 13:26:43 abnormal exit: exit code=35584

> 2. What happens when you run bash from a windows shell?

What I did was
 1. start cmd.exe
 2. type c:\cygwin\bin\bash at the cmd prompt
 3. I get a
    prompt, and no cygwin utilities found (ie. the same behaviour as
    when starting the cygwin shortcut)

> Unfortunately this might only confirm that we're running into
> the same problem, but it would be new information that the
> problem can also occur on Vista.  I say "unfortunately" because
> I haven't found a solution yet.

Ah.  No idea what's the cause is, either?

> I actually suspected that this might occur on Vista SP1 as the
> underlying build number (6001) is the same for Vista SP1 and
> Windows 2008.  I've done plenty of cygwin installs on Vista without
> problems (x86 and x64) but all were done before upgrading to SP1.
> Just a suspicion and a week on at that since I have also done some
> successfuly Windows 2008 installs of cygwin.

What I have is 
 Microsoft Vista Enterprise, Service Pack 1
from the property dialog on the Computer.  I don't know how and where to
find the build number.

> Let me know what you see in these areas and we'll see if I'm barking
> up the wrong tree...if not I'll keep you informed if I find more on
> this (I have other posts on this to the cygwin mailing list and will
> continue to post if I find out more).

I'll keep an eye out for changes to your threads, then.


- Steinar

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