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Re: Problems installing on vista, no /bin in path

Steinar Bang wrote:

> 2008/05/23 13:26:24 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
> 2008/05/23 13:26:33 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
> 2008/05/23 13:26:33 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
> 2008/05/23 13:26:38 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
> 2008/05/23 13:26:38 running: C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /etc/postinstall/
> 2008/05/23 13:26:43 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
> ...

You need to find out why these fail.  Probably BLODA.

> What I did was
>  1. start cmd.exe
>  2. type c:\cygwin\bin\bash at the cmd prompt
>  3. I get a
>       bash-32$
>     prompt, and no cygwin utilities found (ie. the same behaviour as
>     when starting the cygwin shortcut)

That is not a valid test, because just running bash with no options does
not start a login session, and therefore the /etc/profile will not be
sourced, and it is there that /usr/bin is added to PATH.  So it's
expected behavior that if you do the above, no commands (except for bash
builtins) will work because they are not in the PATH.  If you look at
the cygwin.bat file, you'll see that bash needs to be started with the
--login (or -l) option for a proper environment.

But that aside, it won't work anyway even if you start a login shell,
since /etc/profile is only installed from /etc/defaults/etc/profile by
the postinstall script of the 'base-files'
package.  Since your postinstall scripts are failing, you need to find
out what's wrong there before anything will work.  You won't have a
working system until postinstall scripts are run correctly.


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