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Re: cygwin1.dll incluson in Cygwin makefile

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 07:26:00PM -0700, Paul Newell wrote:
>cmd /c dir "c:\"
>just generates a shell that I have to controlC out of (other variants
>caused me to find you 2004 posting when I had to hit enter a second

It's not a shell.  It's a continuation line.  \ is a quoting character
on linux-like systems.  So the above says "quote the next character",
meaning that the " character is not recognized as closing the previous
".  If you had typed another " you would have seen output from your dir
but if you really need to use a backslash then use \\.

But, I think you're still missing the point that the main focus of
Cygwin is to be a POSIX like environment.  You shouldn't need to revert
to cmd for anything.  If you need to reference other drives then you
can use /cygdrive/c/foo rather than c:\foo .

>As for distributing my code ...  that isn't the intent at all.  This is
>nothing more than trying to learn for myself how to make better use of
>cygwin for personal uses.  I've been using cygwin since the Win98se
>days but always in a very limited form and always running a Borland
>compiler on the Win98 machine.  I'm trying to teach myself what I need
>to know to just run cygwin on Windows and Fedora / RedHat on Linux ...
>skipping Windows compilers altogether.

If you are skipping Windows compilers then you definitely don't want to
use the c: or \ notation.  Stick to "forward slashes" and no colons when
using cygwin programs.


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