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Re: [setup.exe crashes at cygrunsrv uninstall step] [GishPuppy]

Hi DaveK,

Just wanted to thank you 'cause your .exe solved my problem as well.

Giovanni Pipicella

> > I have the following problem: When I try to run setup.exe (v.
> > 2.573.2.2) to update my Cygwin installation, it crashes when
> > uninstalling cygrunsrv package. This happens every time I execute it. I
> > have tried:

> This is probably a known bug to do with corrupted package listing files
>which can be generated if a previous run was interrupted.

> To check, run "zcat /etc/setup/cygrunsrv.lst.gz" in a bash shell; if it
>gives an error message, that confirms the problem.

> If that is the case, you could give a try to my fixed version of >setup.exe


>or you could just delete the cygrunsrv.lst.gz manually and try again.

 >If not, post again, we'll see what else might be going wrong.

>   cheers,
>     DaveK

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