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Re: Urgent !!! Reg Linking sybase DLL in cygwin..

Dave Korn wrote:

>   So, there is no debug info in the DLL.  In that case, you need to get the
> list of exports to make the .def file some other way: perhaps you can run
> 'pexports' on it, or in a last resort DUMPBIN, and you may need to do some
> hand-editing of the .def file that results.  See here:

That's a lot of extra work for no good reason.  GNU ld can link directly
against a DLL without using any import lib, just specify its filename on
the link command.  The only real reason you need an import library is if
you're doing things like adding aliases for symbol names, or you need to
remove stdcall name decorations.  (Or if you need the name indirection
that an import library provides, e.g. being able to have -lfoo refer to
libfoo.dll.a which refers to cygfoo-12.dll.)  But if you simply want to
link against a DLL you can do so directly without any of the mess of
pexports or def files or import libs or whatnot.


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