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RE: Urgent !!! Reg Linking sybase DLL in cygwin..

Brian Dessent wrote on 27 May 2008 11:52:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   So, there is no debug info in the DLL.  In that case, you need to get
>> the list of exports to make the .def file some other way: perhaps you
>> can run 'pexports' on it, or in a last resort DUMPBIN, and you may need
>> to do some hand-editing of the .def file that results.  See here:
> That's a lot of extra work for no good reason.  GNU ld can link directly
> against a DLL without using any import lib, just specify its filename on
> the link command. 

  I keep forgetting it can do that these days :(

> The only real reason you need an import library is if
> you're doing things like adding aliases for symbol names, or you need to
> remove stdcall name decorations.  (Or if you need the name indirection
> that an import library provides, e.g. being able to have -lfoo refer to
> libfoo.dll.a which refers to cygfoo-12.dll.)  But if you simply want to
> link against a DLL you can do so directly without any of the mess of
> pexports or def files or import libs or whatnot.

  Perhaps it's time that OP explain exactly /what/ the problem is; I did
assume that a straightforward "-lfoo" must already have not worked in some
way.  Mani?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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