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Re: cygwin1.dll incluson in Cygwin makefile

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 08:50:42PM -0700, Paul Newell wrote:
> I thought I checked /cygdrive and found them empty (though mount said 
> otherwise). Given how long it took the "ls /cygdrive" to come back with 
> something, I guess I might have controlC-ed out. I notice that cmd /c dir 
> from the "/" gives me what I would expect, but cmd /c dir \cygdrive doesn't 
> show me the c and f drive, so I just got confused as I wasn't looking the 
> right way. As in your paragraph about "still missing the point"

Yep.  Think about it.  I suggested that you NOT to use cmd and you used
cmd.  I suggested that you not to use \ and you used \.

"dir" is a built-in for cmd.  It is not a Cygwin program and it doesn't
become aware of Cygwin conventions just because you ran it under bash.
If you want to look at the files on your C drive the cygwin command
would be

ls /cygdrive/c

Forget about cmd and forget about \ if you are trying to use Cygwin the way
it was designed to be used.


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