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rsync immediately hangs when connecting via ssh (still trying to fix, revisited from Aug 07)

I can scp/ssh fine to the target with ssh keys installed or not, only
rsync hangs immediately.

$ rsync -avvvvv fight.swf
cmd= user=lanfreak path=cmd[0]=ssh cmd[1]=-l
cmd[2]=lanfreak cmd[3] cmd[4]=rsync cmd[5]=--server
cmd[6]=-vvvvvlogDtpr cmd[7]=.
opening connection using ssh -l lanfreak rsync --server
-vvvvvlogDtpr .
------have to exit with control-c, but ssh never exits and must be
killed manually-----

Previously piping issues in rsync
were brought to my attention. With due respect to previous responders
the symptoms don't seem to be the same and I don't believe it's
related. In support of my understanding when I try with --blocking-io
OR --no-blocking-io it still behaves the same.

This is windows XP pro, I've just run the cygwin setup today to update
all applications.

< This works fine------
$ ssh
Last login: Tue May 27 20:17:38 2008 from

Thanks for any input.
Joel -- (a sr systems admin)

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