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RE: Bug in /usr/bin/ping

Tom Van Looy wrote on 28 May 2008 13:52:

> I looked a little further and saw that this is a port that I probably
> just installed to try it out and hoped it had GNU ping arguments (so bash
> scripts are portable between Linux and Cygwin).  
> Anyway, I don't know what happend but it's a 4.3BSD utility. Even 4.3BSD
> derived systems do the return stuff correctly nowadays. 

  I compared the cygwin ping man page to the linux ping man page; the
paragraph describing the return status is clearly a later addition.  So I
guess it's time for a refresh.

> Cygwin port maintained by: Lino Tinoco <NOSPAM>
> Please address all questions to the Cygwin mailing list at <NOSPAM>

  What part of "address all questions to the Cygwin mailing list" did you
not get?  That's an explicit request not to bother the guy at his home

  Plus, deliberately quoting someone's email address in the body of a post
is a great way to get it harvested by spammers.  Don't do it, unless you're
actually *trying* to harass them by getting them mailbombed.  In which case,
also don't do it.

> Shouldn't this package just be dropped or at least be marked obsolete?
> Cygwin is supposed to be a Linux-like environment. I don't think outdated
> 4.3BSD tools belong there. Windows ping even has more similarities with
> Linux ping than that ping in packages ...  

  All pings - linux, bsd, windows - derive from the same common source.
Regardless of whether it was linux or bsd ping, it's just an old outdated
version.  It could do with a refresh, but that's not what "obsolete" means
in cygwin setup.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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