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RE: binutils 20080523-1: version string breaks python2.5 distutils

Christopher Faylor wrote on 29 May 2008 03:02:

> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 01:49:55AM +0000, Joe Pham wrote:
>> As part of the binutils 20080523-1 package, both ld (ld -v) and dllwrap
>> (dllwrap --version) report their version as "".  This
>> version string format causes the python2.5 distutils tool to abort with
>> error.  On Linux, the format would have been something like "2.18.50
>> 20080523".  Any chance to make this consistent with Linux?
> The version string is straight from a standard binutils distribution.
> Nothing has been done to modify it.  It comes from this line in the
> bfd Makefile:
> ./bfd/Makefile:  
> bfd_version_string="\"$(VERSION).$${bfd_version_date}\"" ;\ 
> So, no.  I'd suggest modifying python.  It pretty clearly doesn't adapt
> correctly to a standard binutils version string.

  To be fair, it looks like the bfd version format may have changed over
time.  The space was introduced by bje four years ago:

Then it was removed again, last year, in

with the comment

	* (bfdver.h): Use "." not " " between version number
	and date.

  So, yes, Python should definitely use a pattern match to ignore the
separator character.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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