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Re: Can't load sybase.dll DBD::Sybase

Jarek Karpiński schrieb:
I have some problems with using DBD::Sybase. At first I couldn't run
"make" successfully but after few tries I managed to do it. Now I have
problem with this message : install_driver(Sybase) failed: Can't load
'/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8/cygwin/auto/DBD/Sybase/Sybase.dll' for
module DBD::Sybase: No such file or directory at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8/cygwin/ line 230.

The problem is that even when I create this directory and copy dll
file there, it isn't working. I even tried to copy whole perl
directory from C:\cygwin\lib\perl5 to C:\cygwin\usr\lib\perl5. I tried
changing path variables and edit makefile generated after perl
Makefile.PL as said in with no

I have ASE Open Client installed. I think It is in C:\sybase\OCS-15_0
(there are some include, dll, lib folders in it)

I have some problems with spam software so the rest of the message will be send in next email

I don't think that we can help you here, but apparently the DBD::Sybase develoer Mr Peppler at the dbi-users list can help you to get this vendor libs loaded into cygwin perl.

I did not found those sybase client libs for free to download
So I cannot help.
Reini Urban

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