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Re: binutils 20080523-1: version string breaks python2.5 distutils

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:48:38PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Why is python even checking the version?

Python (i.e., Distutils) is checking versions so that it calls the
appropriate driver and supplies the appropriate options.  For example,
in we have the following:

    # ld_version >= "2.10.90" and < "2.13" should also be able to use
    # gcc -mdll instead of dllwrap
    # Older dllwraps had own version numbers, newer ones use the
    # same as the rest of binutils ( also ld )
    # dllwrap 2.10.90 is buggy
    if self.ld_version >= "2.10.90":
        self.linker_dll = "gcc"
        self.linker_dll = "dllwrap"
    # ld_version >= "2.13" support -shared so use it instead of
    # -mdll -static
    if self.ld_version >= "2.13":
        shared_option = "-shared"
        shared_option = "-mdll -static"

> That seems very fragile to me.

Agreed, but this stuff predates me (i.e., before 2000), so I loathe to
touch it... :,)


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