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Re: Cygwin - linker errors - __assert, __itob and __ftol

C S wrote:
i did not know about gcj. i guess i missed that somehow? thanks for the tip.

my command line right now is:

gcj -D__int64="long long" -shared -I C:\Apps\Java\jdk1.6.0_05\include
-I C:\Apps\Java\jdk1.6.0_05\include\win32 -I C:\Users\usmsci\My
Documents\shapefiles\shapelib-1.2.10\shapelib-1.2.10 -I
C:\Users\usmsci\My Documents\shapefiles\shapelib128_bin_win -L
c:\Users\usmsci\My Documents\shapefiles\shapelib128_bin_win
fileName.cpp -o libShapeData.dll c:\Users\usmsci\My
Documents\shapefiles\shapelib128_bin_win\shpopen.o c:\Users\usmsci\My

the error i get is: gcj: cannot specify -D without --main  what do i
need to do to remedy this? thanks!!!

This cygwin list may not accept discussions about gcj specifics which might be handled better on the gcc-help list. I'm not expert enough to explain why --main may be required when making a .dll, but I guess it wants to know the entry function.

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