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RE: Running fontforge.exe does nothing

David Spector wrote on 24 June 2008 13:42:

> Dave,
> Thank you for your prompt and excellent response,
> which got lost somehow before I could see it in my
> incoming mail.

  NP, but can we keep this on the list please?  (See for a few good reasons why to keep
discussion threads in the open instead of private mail.  For a start,
someone else might have had time sooner than me to answer this question...)

> When I follow your instructions, I find the following
> missing DLLs:
> cygpng12.dll and cygxml2-2.dll
> The fact that these start with "cyg" might indicate
> that these are part of cygwin. 

  Absolutely so.  In order to find out what cygwin package contains any
given file, you plug its name into the search box at  Doing so tells us that cygpng12.dll is part of
the libpng12 package, and that cygxml2-2.dll is part of the libxml2 package.

> Since I downloaded
> cygwin from the official site (or one of its mirrors)
> and followed the installation instructions, I have no
> idea what to do next. Any suggestions would be
> welcome.

  You'll need to re-run setup.exe just like you did when you followed the
fontforge install instructions (assuming you referred to, only this time select the
libpng12 and libxml2 packges.  They'll both be in the Libs category, rather
than the X11 category that you were told to look under last time.

> BTW, are you the famous David Korn who developed the
> Unix Korn shell at Bell Labs?

  :)  Get asked that a lot.  I refer you to my "From:" line!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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