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RE: 'no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH' error message on install

Jaroslav Rynik wrote:
> when I wanted to install, the program with cygwin (using package for
> NetBSD), the error message "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH"
> came up.

This list is for X related questions only, setting the follow-up address
to the main cygwin list.

> However, I have installed cygwin directly from web not unsellecting any
> option, so the instalation should be complete.  The program is
> installed in D:\pokus\cygwin directory.

Only a limited set of packages is installed by default.  You have to
manually select the compiler(s) and other development tools.  Just re-run 
setup.exe and select the appropriate gcc packages.

> To keep track all the steps I made, I send the picture of 3 screenshot
> showing all I have done until the error message appeared. I also attach
> the log file made by cygwin after the action.
> If you need any further information, feel welcome to let me know.

It would have been better if you had followed the instructions in this

> Problem reports:

In particular, note the part about *attaching* the output from running
"cygcheck -svr".  That would let us know which packages were actually 

If re-running setup doesn't solve your problem, then that attachment
would be very useful.


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