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Re: Error in [1.7] involving /netrel/src/cygwin-1.7.0-61/winsup/cygwin/

Fergus wrote:
> More.
> I tried locating the executable in different places.
> In tests so far, the failure just reported appears to occur "when and
> only when" the executable is located in the root directory of the drive
> i.e. at d:\ or g:\ or t:\ or wherever.
> If located in a subdirectory elsewhere e.g. at d:\bin\ or g:\mole\ or
> t:\deep\ it works just fine, as it always has previously.
> In [1.5] it doesn't matter where I locate the executable and run it from.
> Does this help at all?

  It ties in with what the assert is complaining about.

  Are you launching this from a bash shell or from some win32 context like
cmd.exe?  And is the exe itself a cygwin or win32 exe?  And is it doing
anything tricky like trying to dynamically load the cygwin dll?  Is the cygwin
dll that it is running against installed in the standard location or somewhere
else?  It does sound likes something's up with the stage where it tries to
locate the root directory by assuming the cygwin dll lives in a "bin/"
subdirectory and ascending one level...


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