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Re: cygwin qt port- do I have to apply patches or something?/ target app seems to run now.

> Thanks, it seems to be installing now. I think I tried to run cygport
> script
> but it didn't seem to do anything and it wasn't immediately obvious
> what to do. In any case, applying patches one by one as each build
> died seems to have gotten it past that, not sure how well it will run but
> that is another issue. The function pointer thing still confuses me.
> Essentially   x(NULL,NULL) is written to invoke whatever x points
> to. The compile complains however that "x_extra_stuff" is not defined
> and indeed "_extra_stuff"  doesn't show up anywhere in project. Rewriting
> the line as (*x)(NULL,NULL) got it past the compiler.

The wkhtmltopdf program that I was trying to build does run but
it complains it can't find an X server- starting an X server and setting
DISPLAY seems to fix that and I have a valid PDF output file.
"VALID" being questionable since AFAIK there is no PDF reader on
this machine but strings output looks credible so I'll say its working
as it is probably doing everything I need.
OK, so I tried to go get a PDF reader and wants email etc, I get
annoyed and to my surprise I have pdftk available.
Text extracts ok, seems fine. Thanks but I would like to do this
without X.


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