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Re: installer improvements

"Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E]" wrote:
> gives locations.

Doesn't solve the problem entirely. Location isn't the only issue,
despite what estate agents will tell you. There seem to often be
problems with the mirror for example, even though it is
probably the closest to me (of course, if I were closer to a border it
might be a French, German, or Italian server, who knows).

I'm not sure I want to wait for pings off all the mirror servers, either.

But, since the website already knows where the mirrors are, and since
the installing computer possibly knows where *it* is (hell, you could
always ask the user, the first time)...

Anyway, what I'd really like to know is, manually parsing the
setup.ini aside, is there any way to uninstall (say) Cygwin/X all in
one blow? I spent what felt like hours last night clicking through
various packages to "uninstall", only for some later package, when
cycled through "reinstall" on the way to "uninstall", to reset it. I
considered taking a hammer to it, but didn't want to disturb the
neighbours at such a late hour. Now *that* would be an improvement to
setup I could get fully behind (a way of seeing and uninstalling not
only package A, but all dependant packages as well, not using a hamme
on the computer).

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