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Setup: Could the list of items be in the tab order?

Hi folks,

Several years ago I tried broaching this subject. Igor became so flagrantly irritable I immediately apologized for daring to speak and have been scared to do so ever since. Now that Setup's design is legitimately being reconsidered I'll try again:

If the list of items to install could be a standard treeview that can be tabbed to, this would make things very much easier for at least us blind people. In the blind community Cygwin's installer is alleged to be "inaccessible", meaning our tools can't make sense of it. This is categorically false as I have often pointed out to them. But it takes so much learning to figure out how it works that they're mostly confounded. And it's clumsy as heck even when you do figure it out. If we could tab to the list and interact with it with arrows, opening and closing categories with right and left arrow, scrolling with PageDown and Up, it really would be much easier to work with.

If that's hard to do, if it requires other changes to invisible parts of the code, then don't do it. As has been pointed out, there are always better things to do. But since we're considering possibilities here's one to at least throw out. :-)


Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University Computing Center
5925 Woodward, #281
Detroit MI 48202

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