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Re: Cygwin-1.7.7: mv appends .exe to directory if matching .exe exists

On Tue, 4 Jan 2011, Eric Blake wrote:

On 01/04/2011 09:27 AM, David Mastronarde wrote:

When there is a directory and an executable with the same name, mv adds .exe when renaming the directory:

% mkdir test2
% cd test2
% mkdir package-3.1.1
% touch package-3.1.1.exe
% mv package-3.1.1 package-3.1.2
% ls
package-3.1.1.exe  package-3.1.2.exe/

There is also a problem when there is an executable matching the name
being moved to:

% mv package-3.1.2.exe package-3.1.2
% ls
package-3.1.1.exe  package-3.1.2/
% mv package-3.1.2 package-3.1.1
mv: cannot move `package-3.1.2' to `package-3.1.1': Not a directory

This happens with the latest snapshot of cygwin1.dll.

You CAN'T have a directory and an executable sharing the same name on Linux, so why should you try the same thing on cygwin? Given that cygwin attempts to handle '.exe' as a necessary evil, and tries to recognize executables when the suffix is omitted, you are basically confusing cygwin by creating a directory and an executable with the same name.

That said, there's probably room for improvement for recognizing the
situation, and trying to be smarter when both directory and .exe
executable exist; and the patch may need to be in coreutils rather than
in cygwin1.dll (since cp is doing some extra legwork for .exe magic in
the first place).  Good thing I'm building coreutils 8.9 today :)


In my case, I am using Winzip to make an executable Zip file that ends up having the same name as the directory. Every time I make a new version, I rename the directory as indicated. This used to work, possibly even in early Cygwin 1.7

Think of this as similar to having an installer file named Linux wouldn't confuse the directory packagename and the executable


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