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Re: 1.7: Basic file operations fail on network shares provided by Tru64 Advanced Server

Just for the records today's answer from HP support:

--- 8< --- 8< ---

Hi xxxx,

I have a final respons from engineering for case xxxx.

It appears that ASU is not doing anything wrong however NT4 is having a bug here, please read below for the explanation. But as we are claiming to be NT4 compatible this will be changed in the next major release.
But as you allready have your solution via Cygwin we will work this out internally. Therefor I am informing you that this request will be closed.

Kind regards,


Problem statement:
mv command from Cygwin client executed on a file on an ASU share returns Access Denied error

1) In the 'NT Create AndX Request' the Cygwin client is sending an Access Request of 0x00010000
Thereby requesting only for the "DELETE" access corresponding to 0x00010000
Hence, this is the Access that gets granted to the Cygwin client from the ASU server side.

2) The next request, 'Query File Basic Info' is sent with a Granted Access of 0x00010000
that was obtained in the previous 'NT Create AndX Request'
This request fails with the error, 'STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED' as the client does not have the
"Desired Access" to Query for the File Basic Info.
For this request to have completed successfully, the Granted Access should have been 0x00000080
which corresponds to Read Attributes Access

Thus, the Cygwin client should have requested for a minimum Access of 0x00010080 in the first
'NT Create AndX Request' which is required for copying/moving/renaming files.

The code will need to be modified to grant the Cygwin client with the access 0x00010180 although
the Access Requested for in the 'NT Create AndX Request' by the Cygwin client is 0x00010000
As this includes 0x00000080 which is the access required to Read Attributes the next request,
'Query File Basic Info' would complete successfully and hence the mv command from the Cygwin client
would execute successfully.

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