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setup.exe considerations (was: Doubtful about unison)

Am 01.03.2011 08:20, schrieb Andy Koppe:
> On 28 February 2011 19:52, Matthias Andree wrote:

>> Which is the problem: the unison command was compiled against a newer
>> cygwin1.dll than yours.
> To be fair, setup.exe ought to be able to resolve or warn about such
> version dependencies. Unfortunately the infrastructure for that isn't
> in place, as it would require version requirements to be expressed in
> packages' setup.hint files (rather than in their READMEs, as they are
> at the moment).

No it doesn't require such version dependencies.

As a lightweight alternative, setup.exe might just recursively select
all "requires" packages that a newly installed or upgraded package
depends on "for update" (possibly from the same version branch,
curr/test/prev), making sure not to implicitly downgrade.

In this particular example, it would mark "alternatives" and "cygwin"
for update as direct unison2.32 dependencies, and recursively also
libintl8, libiconv2, base-cygwin, and libgcc1.

On the other hand, Cygwin package maintainers do a pretty good job of
not breaking existing setups, so "update everything" (to the "curr"
version) is usually a safe bet.---I've been doing that for over four
years and the only thing that hicc-upped regularly (and required
rebasing or peflagsall) was git-svn.

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