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Re: 1.7.8-1 ls -l /proc/sys/Device causes system reset

> On 03/01/2011 04:57 PM, Tim Coalson wrote: > > The problem: > >  > > $ /bin/ls 
>-l /proc/sys/Device > >  > > hit enter, and my system instantly reboots, without 
>shutdown.  Without the -l  > > option, works fine.  Unfortunately, ls with 
>colors enabled also causes this  > > behavior, even without -l, as in: > >  > > 
>$ /bin/ls --color=auto /proc/sys/Device > That's because ls --color=auto enables 
>stat() to know how to color> names, where omitting it relies on plain readdir() 
>to just list the > name.  So it's obviously the act of stat()ing one of the 
>devices in that > directory that is making windows upset.  Can you narrow it 
>down to which > object, by trying things like 'ls --color=auto -d > 
>/proc/sys/Device/[0-9]*' to limit to stat()ing just file names starting > with a 
>digit, and so forth?  I couldn't reproduce your crash on my WinXP > system. 
Apologies for formatting, yahoo isn't subscribing to the list, so I'm faking the 
I have found two culprits so far, SSHDRV65 and SSHDRV79.  They seem to be 
drivers related to CD copy protection software in windows.


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