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Re: 1.7.8-1 ls -l /proc/sys/Device causes system reset

On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 2:40 AM, Corinna Vinschen
<address removed> wrote:
> On Mar ?1 16:41, Tim Coalson wrote:
>> I have found two culprits so far, SSHDRV65 and SSHDRV79. ?They seem to be
>> drivers related to CD copy protection software in windows.
> I *really* start to hate Windows XP.
> But I can't reproduce this, neither on XP nor on W7. ?Maybe because
> I don't have these SSHDRVxx devices.
> What puzzles me a bit is this: ?The core of the functionality is in
> a method called fhandler_procsys::exists(). ?This method is called
> even for a simple ls which does not stat. ?The underlying stat method
> fhandler_procsys::fstat() also just calls the exists() method and then
> fills the stat buffer.
> Hmm...
> There is one difference. ?If exists() is called from fstat() then
> there's an additional call to fetch the ACL from the device entry.
> That's the only additional system call in this scenario.
> Can you please test something for me?
> Fetch the WinObj tool from sysinternals:
> Install it and start it. ?In WinObj, open the Device directory and
> search for the SSHDRV65 and SSHDRV79 entries. ?Right-click on them and
> open the Properties dialog. ?Then switch to the "Security" tab.
> Does it work? ?Does it show something useful or a kind of error message?
> Corinna

I have switched to a different email so that I can reply properly.

Using the tool mentioned, both of the problem devices' properties
dialogs appear to be functional. ?I do not see any error messages,
either there or in device manager with showing hidden items. ?In
WinObj, under security, there are four items in group or user names,
administrators (myhost/administrators), everyone, restricted, and
system, and under advanced, all entries are marked Special for
permission and <not inherited>. ?However, it appears that I cannot
edit the permissions for the entries, though the permissions are
displayed, and also displayed under advanced, edit..., the checkboxes
are all greyed out. ?Unfortunately, comparing this to another device
in the list, none of this seems to be unique to the problem devices.

In addition, no other items in the Device directory cause this problem.

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