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Re: setup.exe considerations (was: Doubtful about unison)

On 1 March 2011 14:04, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> >> Which is the problem: the unison command was compiled against a newer
>> >> cygwin1.dll than yours.
>> >
>> > To be fair, setup.exe ought to be able to resolve or warn about such
>> > version dependencies. Unfortunately the infrastructure for that isn't
>> > in place, as it would require version requirements to be expressed in
>> > packages' setup.hint files (rather than in their READMEs, as they are
>> > at the moment).
> It would also require packagers to know what the version requirements are.
> I can record what versions of things were installed when I built Unison -
> or better yet, get cygport to record that for me - but I don't really know
> whether it would break with an earlier or later version of cygwin, etc.

I think it would be entirely reasonable to record the version you
built against as the minimum requirement, as you couldn't be expected
to test against older libraries as well. Wanting to use latest Unison
with an old Cygwin DLL is a case of having your cake and eating it,
it's just that it would be good if setup.exe was able to point that
out. But, in another bakery-related metaphor, this is pie-in-the-sky.

If Unison broke with a later Cygwin version, that would be a
compatibility bug that would need to be fixed asap anyway.


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