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Re: distributing executables for windows

I understand that the terminfo entry should be distributed too, but
this is my very question : where to put the "cygwin" file in the
windows tree ?
I've tried "C:\usr\share\terminfo\63", but it does not work.
Do you mean that I have to re-compile "ncurses" and "terminfo" with
some adjustment to the paths ?

On 03/03/2011, Andy Koppe <> wrote:
> On 3 March 2011 03:54, anctop wrote:
>> I'd like to ask a question about distributing programs compiled with
>> cygwin to windows.
>> I've compiled some utility programs (e.g. "grep") in the cygwin bash
>> environment, then copied the executables and the dependent libraries
>> (e.g. "grep.exe" and "cygwin1.dll", "cygintl-8.dll", "cygiconv-2.dll",
>> "cyggcc_s-1.dll", "cygpcre-0.dll") back to windows.
> Remember that you also need to offer the sources when distributing GPL
> software.
>> For those programs with only text outputs, this method gives a working
>> windows port of the software, but it is not the case for those
>> terminal handling programs (e.g. "less"). I can still compile and
>> distribute, but the program works correctly only within the cygwin
>> bash. Under windows, all the terminal capabilities are lost, with the
>> "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" message.
> You need the relevant terminfo entry, i.e. /usr/share/terminfo/63/cygwin.
> Andy

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