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Re: Where is cygfreetype-6.dll?

2011/3/3 Peng Yu <>:
> I downloaded the latest ImageMagick-i686-pc-cygwin.tar and installed
> it.

We don't support randomly downloaded binary packages.

> But when I run convert.exe, it says the following message. Could
> anybody let me know how to fix the problem? Could anybody let me know
> where to download cygfreetype-6.dll?
> /home/username/ImageMagick-6.6.7/bin/convert.exe: error while loading
> shared libraries: cygfreetype-6.dll: cannot open shared object file:
> No such file or directory

Please complain at the contact where you downloaded it.
Apparently from

cygwin comes with its own ImageMagick package. Report problems
with the cygwin package here after having installed it via setup.exe, which
would have installed the missing requires:

@ ImageMagick
sdesc: "Image manipulation software suite (utilities)"
ldesc: "ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap
images. It can read, convert and write images in a large variety of
formats. Use ImageMagick to translate, flip, mirror, rotate, scale,
shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special
effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bezier curves."
category: Graphics
requires: libImageMagick1 libX11_6 libXext6 cygwin
Reini Urban

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