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Re: distributing executables for windows

On 3/4/2011 12:17 AM, Bruce Cran wrote:
> Charles Wilson <...> wrote:

Please don't feed the spammers.

> The "base" installation also seems to include things like manual pages
> etc. that aren't required and don't cause any breakage if removed. One
> problem with running setup.exe is that when uninstalling your
> application cygwin won't be removed since the files will have been
> installed outside of the MSI system.

Then, after installing a base installation on your development machine,
remove the man pages, and treat that directory tree as the "source" for
an MSI-based installer, and embrace your future as a 3PP.  (You'll still
need to archive all of the relevant -src packages, and make them
available to your users, to fulfill your responsibilities under the GPL)

'Course, this list will support neither you nor your users if ever they
run into a problem with the installation that results.  We don't have
time to support every frankenstein "cygwin" bowdlerization on the planet...

Still, it seems like an awful lot of effort, and future pain, to avoid a
few 10's of KB of compressed man pages...have fun.


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