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Re: distributing executables for windows

On Fri, 04 Mar 2011 01:11:23 -0500
Charles Wilson <> wrote:

> 'Course, this list will support neither you nor your users if ever
> they run into a problem with the installation that results.  We don't
> have time to support every frankenstein "cygwin" bowdlerization on
> the planet...
> Still, it seems like an awful lot of effort, and future pain, to
> avoid a few 10's of KB of compressed man pages...have fun.

I've tested the solution on different machines and it seems to
work, with just 17 executables in /bin (cygwin in total uses 9MB) - I
wasn't prepared to require users to install 70MB of cygwin (which can't
be uninstalled!) just to support a simple 2MB application so I did my
research and found out just what little was actually required, given a
custom batch file to launch it. I realise I won't get any support for
it, but I have enough technical knowledge that I don't think I'll need

Bruce Cran

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