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LS and TAR don't see any file permissions ("ls -l" shows "----------+ ...")

When running "ls -l" the permissions field shows as "----------+".
Oddly, "ls -l" shows the correct permissions if the pathname uses the
windows drive letter syntax. eg:

$ pwd
$ ls -l tmp/plb.txt
----------+ 1 ga2binn Domain Users 5527 Mar ?3 13:54 tmp/plb.txt
$ ls -l c:/tmp/plb.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 ga2binn Domain Users 5527 Mar ?3 13:54 c:/tmp/plb.txt

Similarly, TAR images have no permissions on the files contained. eg:

$ pwd
$ tar cf - plb.txt | tar vtf -
---------- ga2binn/Domain Users 5527 2011-03-03 13:54 plb.txt

Even more oddly, this behaviour (both LS and TAR) occurs on a new PC
that I am moving to. I have the same version of Cygwin on an older PC
which does not have the problem. I have diffed the "cygcheck -s -v -r"
output from both PC's and can see nothing that would explain the broken
behaviour on the new PC.
Both PC's are running the same version of XP SP3.

I have also reinstalled Cygwin with the latest version (its cygcheck

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