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Re: Problems with Cygwin-1.7.8 (or snapshot) and TeXLive 2010

On Mar  5 08:47, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 3/5/2011 5:22 AM, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> >Anyway, with a binary testing (only .dll.bz2 of snapshots), I have
> >verified that the last snapshot with which the .fmt files get the right
> >permissions (-rw-r--r--) is 20100904 snapshot, instead with 20100910
> >they acquires wrong permissions (rwx------). In short, after>= 20100910
> >   snapshot, fmtutil script creates /tmp/fmtutil.NUMBER with drwx-----+
> >permissions: fmtutil.NUMBER is a working directory for fmtutil.
> The permissions on the working directory are not surprising (except
> perhaps for the `+'), since the directory is created by fmtutil with
> the command
>   (umask 077; mkdir "$tmpdir")

The '+' isn't surprising either.  When creating a directory, Cygwin
always adds default ACEs for "creator owner", "creator group", and
"everyone".  These ACEs are added for the sake of native Win32
applications.  If a Win32 application creates files or directories, it
usually omits the security descriptor, so the default settings are used.
If the parent directory has no default settings, the default DACL from
the application's user token is used.  That default DACL is not very
useful for files, though.

> But on my system, running the latest snapshot, the files within that
> directory still get the expected 644 permissions.  I'm running Win7
> in case that makes a difference.  At the moment I don't have access
> to an XP system to test this on.

It doesn't make a difference.  It works fine for me when creating files
in such a directory manually, regardless of the OS.  So the scenario
in which this occurs is a bit more complicated, apparently.

> I wonder if this has nothing to do with texlive or fmtutil, but is
> simply a problem with the ACLs on a directory created with umask
> 077. Corinna, are there changes in the 20100910 snapshot that could
> explain this?  And would there be a difference between XP and Win7?

No, not really.  The permissions of a directory should really only
affect the permissions of files created by native Win32 apps.  Or,
it would affect Cygwin apps if the is under a noacl mount.  But in
that case you wouldn't see it, because Cygwin would fake 755/644

And then there's rename.  If a file gets renamed from /src/foo to
/dest/foo, the ACL of the file wouldn't be changed.  However, if
/src is a noacl mount, we don't have control over the ACL at
file creation time.  If /dest is a acl mount, we would then see
POSIX permissions which reflect the Win32 ACL of that file.  This
might explain the effect.  It does *not* explain why this should
only occur with newer snapshots, though.


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