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snapshots revisited


I'm now happy with the snapshots as they are, and i'm ready to use
them more in the future, thank you for them. I'm especially glad that
it has no interaction with the regular setup.exe mechanism: if at some
point a snapshot is not satisfactory, you just have to Reinstall the
regular cygwin1.dll (and also the previous working snapshot if you

I'd however suggest that the FAQ is brought up to date:
- remove "You will not be able to replace cygwin1.dll if any
  Cygwin process is running"
- insist that it does not break the setup.exe mechanism in any way
  (this mechanism that is somewhat mysterious to me)
- use a single `tar' command line as suggested previously in this list
- using Explorer is not needed
- say a word about leftovers (a snapshot installs a file, the
  next snapshot does not install it; the file remains forever within
  the installation; is it a problem?)

I'd also suggest (like somebody in this list) that
the snapshot page contains a link to the FAQ section dealing
with snapshot installation. Also that you replace GMT by UT in
this snapshot page.

About the snapshot 20110309 wrt 20110308, one can see
that 4 files under usr/share/info have disappeared, and also
that regex.3.gz and regex.7.gz have also disappeared.
I suppose that this (minor) point remains under control of course (but
unsatisfactory isn't it?), this is the leftovers question, see above.

And finally, since we are talking setup.exe, i've observed that
even if you install and install continuously (say: every hour or so),
setup.exe continuously installs and installs again several of the
src packages (always the same packages, eg qt4-4.5.3-1-src), which
takes several dozens of seconds, for absolutely no benefit (i thought
that setup.exe/setup.ini was smart enough to avoid a new installation
if the package is already installed, provided that you don't ask for
`Reinstall'). Does anybody have the same behaviour? (i install Cygwin
on CYGWIN_NT-5.1 with "Just Me" and didn't ever checked off the `S'
flag for any package).

Thank you again. I've installed 20110309, no regression recorded.

Denis Excoffier.

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