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Re: snapshots revisited

On Mar 10 08:09, EXCOFFIER Denis wrote:
> I'd however suggest that the FAQ is brought up to date:
> - remove "You will not be able to replace cygwin1.dll if any
>   Cygwin process is running"
> - insist that it does not break the setup.exe mechanism in any way
>   (this mechanism that is somewhat mysterious to me)
> - use a single `tar' command line as suggested previously in this list
> - using Explorer is not needed
> - say a word about leftovers (a snapshot installs a file, the
>   next snapshot does not install it; the file remains forever within
>   the installation; is it a problem?)

Patches to the documentation are always welcome.  I hate to write
documentation.  Personally I'm more interested in the comments in the
source code ;)

> I'd also suggest (like somebody in this list) that
> the snapshot page contains a link to the FAQ section dealing
> with snapshot installation.

You know, snapshots should not be installed without need and otherwise
only by people who feel comfortable running bleeding-edge stuff.

> Also that you replace GMT by UT in
> this snapshot page.

I guess you mean UTC.  Good point.  Chris?

> About the snapshot 20110309 wrt 20110308, one can see
> that 4 files under usr/share/info have disappeared, and also
> that regex.3.gz and regex.7.gz have also disappeared.
> I suppose that this (minor) point remains under control of course (but
> unsatisfactory isn't it?), this is the leftovers question, see above.

Depends on the person creating the snapshots.  I changed that in my
script so I'm also going to omit these files in snapshots in future.

> And finally, since we are talking setup.exe, i've observed that
> even if you install and install continuously (say: every hour or so),
> setup.exe continuously installs and installs again several of the
> src packages (always the same packages, eg qt4-4.5.3-1-src), which
> takes several dozens of seconds,

I saw that as well, but I think this is only some hickup in postinstall
script handling.  It doesn't hurt so I really never cared enough to


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