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How do I update SSHD daemon password?

I changed the password on the account used by the cron daemon and the
ssh daemon.  Both services (cron and ssh) use the same user account
named, 'sshd'.

However, the ssh daemon will not take the username/password change.
I've tried un-installing all SSH files (via the cygwin setup.exe
utility) and re-installing the files.  I then tried de-installing the
files and upgrading to the latest version.  That didn't help either.

If I knew where the ssh daemon username/password information was
cached, I think I could fix it, or at least delete it and start over

And ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you.

$ ssh-host-config --yes --user sshd --pwd XXXXXXXXXXX
*** Query: Overwrite existing /etc/ssh_config file? (yes/no) yes
*** Info: Creating default /etc/ssh_config file
*** Query: Overwrite existing /etc/sshd_config file? (yes/no) yes
*** Info: Creating default /etc/sshd_config file
*** Info: Privilege separation is set to yes by default since OpenSSH 3.3.
*** Info: However, this requires a non-privileged account called 'sshd'.
*** Info: For more info on privilege separation read
*** Query: Should privilege separation be used? (yes/no) yes
*** Info: Updating /etc/sshd_config file

*** Info: Host configuration finished. Have fun!

$ net start sshd
System error 1069 has occurred.

The service did not start due to a logon failure.

$ net start cron
The Cron daemon service is starting.
The Cron daemon service was started successfully.

$ cygcheck --version
cygcheck version 1.126
System Checker for Cygwin
Copyright (C) 1998 - 2008 Red Hat, Inc.
Compiled on Mar  1 2011

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 myhost 1.7.8(0.236/5/3) 2011-03-01 09:36 i686 Cygwin

David Means

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