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Re: Typing trouble?

> > At 10:24 AM 12/13/2000, Richard Dixon wrote:
> >
> > >Dear All,
> > >
> > >A novice's question here - just got Cygwin running using an older version
> > >(a 10MB-or-so executable containing all the relevant files).
> > >
> > >It seems to be OK in terms of running but when typing in the bash shell,
> > >there are lots of beeps and any letters I type often delete the previous
> > >letter or shift the last letter written along one - e.g. typing abcdef
> > >might come up as abcdfe (and no I've typed this in very slowly so it's not
> > >me!) - and it's very infuriating.
> > >
> > >Just wondered if anyone else has had this peculiar trouble and whether
> > >there was any sort of patch released that might cure it.
> > >
> > >Many thanks in advance,
> > >Richard (
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
> > If the package you got contains a cygwin1.dll, try removing it in favor of
> > the current one (which you can download from if you don't
> > have it already). ÂIf it contains a cygwinb19.dll, remove it and try copying
> > the latest cygwin1.dll to cygwinb19.dll. ÂAs I recall, the current DLL is
> > binary compatible with B20 and B19, so these procedures should "upgrade"
> > you directly. ÂIf you have some release before B19, your only option is
> > to rebuild with the latest and greatest. ÂOf course, this is an option even
> > if you have something working with B19 or later!;-)
> Have encountered same behaviour with todays version of Cygwin on OS Windows 7.
> ( Firstly i was disappointed and wanted to throw Cygwin away. )
> Solved by Windows reboot.

Issue repeats even now, but now i discovered that's not Cygwin issue.

Very often, when inserting text from Windows clipboard into "Cygwin
Bash Shell". Things work like characters are being insert, but they're
not displayed in windows.
And sometimes it does such when i do keyboard input.

Other applications that use Windows "text window" interface, behave similarly.

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