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Re: ld: fatal error - cmalloc would have returned NULL

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> On Mar  11 12:57, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar 11 12:57, Rainer Emrich wrote:
>> On Mar  1 18:39, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> > And then ld crashes, because, apparently, it neglects to check the
>> > return value of mmap.
>> Yes it's a fault to not check the return value of mmap, but that wouldn't help
>> here either.
>> So, the solution for me was to increase the cygheap size. The maximum seems to
>> be 1792 MBytes. This solves the issue for boostrapping gcc with libjava enabled,
>> but may fail for even larger libraries.
> I don't think you mean to change the size of the cygheap to 1792 Megs,
> do you?  This sounds impossible to me.  Keep in mind that you only have
> 2 Gigs total memory available per application.
> The cygheap size is usually 1 MByte, + the number of pages to align the
> end of the cygheap section to the next 64K boundary.  In a case like
> this you can increase the cygheap to, say, 2 Megs + alignment, but that
> should be enough for all cases which fit into memory at all.
I have to be more clear. I increased the heap_chunk_in_mb to 1792 using:
regtool -i set /HKLM/Software/Cygwin/heap_chunk_in_mb 1792

> Otherwise, ld should use temporary files to store intermediate data.
On Linux or *nix this not a problem at all. But to be honest, I have only few
knowledge about ld.

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