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Re: Compiled program does nothing when executing it under Cygwin

On 3/11/2011 10:09 AM, Mengsk wrote:
When checking for the 'cygwin1.dll' file in C:\cygwin\bin, I discovered that
there also was a file named '' in there. I made a backup of
my cygwin1.dll, deleted it and renamed the '' file to
'cygwin1.dll'. Then I recompiled my program and now everything works fine.

I have no idea what changed/renamed the files in the first place though...

'setup.exe' did this. You updated via 'setup.exe' but had some Cygwin process(es) running when you did so. The 'cygwin' package needed updating but the DLL cannot be replaced while it's in use. You should have received a warning about this from 'setup.exe', giving you the option to shut down the outstanding Cygwin process(es). 'setup.exe' will continue if you don't shut down the process(es) but it will schedule the replacement of cygwin1.dll at the next reboot. It names the new DLL that it will move into place on reboot ''. It then provides a message that you need to reboot to complete the installation.



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