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Re: Autostart Cygwin on Windows boot and run a cygwin command

Jeremy Bopp-3 wrote:
> On 3/14/2011 14:21, PeterSmith wrote:
>> Ok, so for now lets focus on the contents of the .bat file. I'll have a
>> look
>> at the startup of the bat later :)
> Excellent idea, especially considering that it's not really a Cygwin
> problem at that point. ;-)
>> I now have this:
>> @echo off
>> C:
>> chdir C:\cygwin\bin
>> bash -c "cd
>> /cygdrive/e/solr/apache-solr-4.0-2010-10-12_08-05-48/example/;java
>> -Dsolr.solr.home=\"./example-DIH/solr/\" -jar start.jar" 
>> But that still gives me the exact same error:
>> C:\>start_cygwin.bat
>> bash: line 0: cd:
>> /cygdrive/e/solr/apache-solr-4.0-2010-10-12_08-05-48/example/: No such
>> file
>> or dir
>> ectory
>> Unable to access jarfile start.jar
>> C:\cygwin\bin>
> I think the "Unable to access..." error message is actually coming from
> java.exe.  That's likely because the cd before the java call failed
> first, so you're not in the directory you expect to be when java is
> started.  Make sure you don't have a typo in that path to which you're
> trying to cd.
> You may also consider replacing the ; in the command with && so that the
> java command is never run if the cd fails.
> -Jeremy
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It indeed was Java and also because there was a typo in my directory :)
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