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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: base-files-4.0-4

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 10:42:03AM -0700, Matt Seitz (matseitz) wrote:
> "David Sastre" wrote in message
> > A detailed list of bugfixes and changes in this release can be 
> > found in the ChangeLog included in the package. 
> In the future, would you make available a list of changes that does not
> require first installing the package?  I like to look at the list of
> changes before upgrading a package.


Here it is in case it is still useful for you or others:

Change Log
    * Set TMP and TEMP to /tmp in /etc/profile.
    * Dropped CVS stuff from /etc/profile - Andy Koppe
    * Never released.
    * Reordered /etc/profile to properly initialise PS1 - Cyrille Lefevre
    * Supressed a fork in /etc/profile routine for copying skeletal files and
      added a test to `cd' command - Cyrille Lefevre
    * Removed /bin from path, as it is included via /usr/bin.
    * Never released.
    * A modified version of a case switch to run shell dependent stuff based
      on ENV variables detection is back in /etc/profile, as proposed in - Daniel Colascione
    * Since SYS_BASHRC and SYS_BASH_LOGOUT will be enabled in bash-4.1
      .bash_logout (added in 4.0-1) has been deprecated in favour of
    * Added tests to /etc/profile, /etc/bash.bashrc, .bash_profile, .bashrc
      and .profile to check if they have been already sourced, as suggested by
      Andy Koppe in
    * HOSTNAME definition back in /etc/profile.
    * Dropped .mkshrc. This has to be discussed with mksh mantainer.
    * Never released.
    * Applied patch in to solve a problem with creation
      of symlinks in /etc for case-sensitive-enabled win7 systems. - Shaddy Baddah
    * New file skel/.bash_logout clear the screen after logout.
    * New file skel/.profile set HOSTNAME for dash & posh.
    * New file skel/.mkshrc source /etc/mkshrc.
    * Updated the manifest.lst to include new files.
    * Moved the command for setting /tmp perms to
      postinstall/ - Daniel Colascione
    * Modified the PRINTER setting in /etc/profile. No case switch
      now. - Daniel Colascione
    * Added a WARNING in the conditional loop that creates $HOME for
      already existing homes that don't belong to the user. -
      Corinna Vinschen & Andy Koppe
    * Added two hooks to source .bash_aliases and .bash_functions, if they
    * Added an example function to .bashrc (enhanced cd command)
    * Backtick command substitution notation replaced with $(...)
    * All variable expansion is written within curly braces.
    * Case switch to detect which shell is running taken out of /etc/profile.
    * Bug regarding PS1 unset in interactive shells with a non-interactive
      ancestor solved. -
      Reported by Jon Turney
    * Bug regarding mksh a well-defined PS1 solved. - Reported by
      Chris Sutcliffe

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